What Gets Measured Gets Done

Have you ever heard that?

What Gets Measured Gets Done

If not than you may be missing very important element in whatever you (try to) do.

In the recent article I was writing about how to stop the endless search for something and just choose one thing and practice. That’s the first step.

Second, maybe even more important step I believe, is to have a plan. To know what, when, how, why, … you are going to do.

It’s nice to say “I’m going to start exercising” or “I’m going to eat healthier”, but what exactly that means? How can you keep track if you’re still in your “healthier” zone?

I know that there is a lot of people who believe / are more in “chill out man, just go with the flow” or “no stress” mood. I was on that side as well. As far as I really enjoyed it in the past, I didn’t see it as a good tool for making a real progress towards the goals I have.

For at least last 2 years, when my focus switched from “exercising” to “daily movement” I was trying to establish some kind of movement routine, that would help me with my (mostly physical) goals and could be integrated into my life.

I went from “just move every day a bit” to “strict exercising plans” and all between. But just a few months ago I finally find something that works for me the best (so far).

I didn’t find any magic bulletproof workout / movement routine. What I found out is that no matter what you choose, the difference in what you do is measurement and progress tracking.

If you put on the paper (or mobile app, or google sheet) that you’re going to do

  • certain thing each day
  • at exact time
  • for exact period of time

and you are going to write a small note if you did it or no, then when you look back after a week, month etc, you will now why something is working or not working as you want.

And just recently I can see the biggest progress for the last… maybe ever? I keep everyday track of my movement practice, so I clearly see what I did, when and how long. I see that if I’m doing something for a certain time and there is no progress, the thing is obviously not working and I adjust it a bit. Or if I’m not doing something I cannot complain that there is no progress.

Just to clarify, my tracking is probably a different “kind of tracking”:

  • I do not use any app or service, instead I use simple Google Sheet which I adjusted a bit for me needs
  • I do not track time, kilometers, reps, sets, weights, blah blah blah
  • I simply track which elements I was working on certain day (skill, strength, mobility, etc)

With this approach I was able to fine tune my daily movement routine and make it:

  • work for me – sustainable and part of my everyday life, minimum sacrifices, no waking up at 4am to have “time to train”
  • to be effective – see the biggest progress in certain goals I have, and in general with my body
  • to be fun and not struggle – I’m actually looking forward each day for my “movement time”, and the “rest days” are really hard for me :D
  • tool for what I want – be in peace with my own body, be able to do everyday activities without issues / restrictions

And the most important at the end – no matter what you do, how or why, if you do it with consistency = daily, the result will come, sooner or later ;)