How I Start My Day, with Movement

Everybody has a morning routine. Maybe you do it unconsciously or you have strict step-by-step list, but there are things you do first thing in the morning. In most cases these things influence your whole day.

A few years ago

my morning routine was running. I couldn’t imagine early mornings without going for run in the mountains. That period is gone and in the recent months I was trying different things to see what makes my day better.

I was experiencing with waking up damn early, around 5am, working straight from the morning, or waking up later around 9 and start to work even later.

These days

I think I finally found what makes my whole day just much better. I usually wake up between 7-9AM, depends how I feel. I try to not push, and instead listen my body.

After waking up I spend as little time as possible inside the house (usually just bathroom, 10-15min), I take my dog and go straight out. Small advantage of having the dog is that he/she makes you go out even if you don’t feel.

I’ve been doing these for the last 4 years, walking my dog out in the morning, but just recently I found what makes everything much better.

It’s the movement!

What was the last time you jumped over the bench or trash bin? Balanced on the railing? Waiting in deep squat on pedestrian crossing? Running 2min with your dog? Touching the floor, crawling on all four? When it was that you hanged from the tree? Did cartwheel, roll or anything that was so normal for you when you were kid?

When it was that you were simply having fun, playing and most importantly moving?

My morning moving routine

There is no routine, but there are certain things I do each morning, depending on how I feel of course (order vary each time):

  • I walk for a few minutes
  • I do some kind of whole body mobility flow, for joints health. I do modified version of this one from Steve Cotter because most of the things you can do while walking, and it serves as good warmup.
  • I run – 1min /  20min / jog / sprint – just whatever I feel for
  • Then I do – jump, squat, crawl, hang, balance, kick, shake, rotate, roll, you name it – try to name all moves 2 years old baby does
  • What I don’t – think about pace, fastest time, intensity, distance, how much fat / calories I burn, when I’m going to have six-pack or bigger biceps than my neighbour…

This small routine can be anything as little as 10min or 2hrs, depends on how much time you have and how you feel. Mine is usually under one hour, to keep things simple.

“Be a weirdo!”

These days things that are so natural and normal for us are considered to be strange, crazy, funny, stupid, not-cool… If you’re hanging from the tree in the park or crawling on all four on public place you’re weirdo. If you do the same isolated moves in the gym for months that’s normal.

Go out and move

I’m glad I came across things like MovNat, Ido Portal and many others. It has opened the doors for me to see the things from different prospective. Now it’s time to go out and move a bit!

Live, Move, Enjoy!

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