MovNat Certification Workshop, Rome

MovNat Certification Workshop

What is MovNat

In November I participated in 2 and half day MovNat Certification Workshop in Rome, Italy. For those who don’t know what MovNat is, check the official page. I’m planning to write a post about what MovNat is and what it means to me. For now what let’s stick to its official definition:

MovNat is a physical education & fitness system based on the full range of natural human movement abilities. These include the locomotive skills of walking, running, jumping, balancing, crawling, climbing & swimming. In addition we practice the manipulative skills of lifting, carrying, throwing & catching. How we move is how we train.
~ MovNat

For me it means to go back when I was a kid and was playing a lot. Without thinking about reps, distance, weight, calories, heart rate, etc. Just to move to feel good and have fun.

Rome finally

I signed for MovNat Workshop in April 2016. It was supposed to be in September in my country, Slovakia. I had plenty of time to prepare myself, physically and theoretically as well. Unfortunately because of an accident in the summer (overstretched knee ligaments) I couldn’t even walk properly for a month, I decided to postpone it for November and do it in Rome. Guys from MovNat were really nice and didn’t have any problems to change date and place for me. Thank again for that!

When the time finally arrived I booked fly ticket to Rome, packed a few things and off I went. I was super excited and nervous at the same time. I was training and studying all the things that were available but I didn’t feel I gave it 100%. Well you probably never could!


We started on Friday afternoon with a few hours of theory and then at the end of the day we practiced a bit of crawling skills. It was a lot of fun and I started to feel more comfortable and less stressed. I told myself on the beginning that the primary goal is to have fun, not to take it deadly seriously.

After Friday beginning I felt really good and even more excited. However I knew that there were 2 days full of movement in front of me.


We started on Saturday morning with a bit of theory summing-up from previous day.

After that we (I think 9 people for certification part) welcomed another 5 people (only for workshop part) and we started with a bit of games. They were super funny and each of them demonstrated / pay attention to different element – balancing, strength, coordination in space, etc. I really like these kind of games and they usually serve as nice “warm-up” for the whole body.

After the “playing session” we moved outside to the small park / playground. There was a lot of things to explore. I think this day we practiced crawling, balancing, climbing, lifting / carrying. Our instructor Jerome was doing great job, explaining a bit of theory and practical application for each skill, then he demonstrate it to us, then we started to practice certain skill and at the end we added more variations. The climbing part was definitely the most challenging for me, as far as my arms, shoulders, chest is the weakest part of my body.

At the end of the day we (only 9 people for certification part) did our first coaching session. Each one of us had one specific skill / topic assigned and we were supposed to coach the rest of the group. This was probably the most stressful part of the whole weekend. I got crawling which I really like. All went good and I felt again a bit more confident.

Long story short – super funny but very active day, spent almost whole outside with quite cold weather but moving made me feel warm.


This morning was written theoretical exam on the program. I think it wasn’t really hard, but a few questions were a bit tricky.

After finishing exam we again moved outside to the park again and started this time with “mobility warm-up” drills. These were small, mostly ground movements in sitting, kneeling or lying positions just to wake up the body and prepare it for “real deal”.

And there was a lot to go through that day – jumping, running, lifting & carrying, throwing & catching. During jumping part my legs started to became really tired. I felt positive tiredness of whole body.

In the afternoon we moved inside because the weather was a bit cold and we started with walking skills. You would think “who the hell needs to practice walking?”. But oh my, there was a lot things to do and practice. And again there was a lot of games involved in here. It was super funny but challenging at the same time, my legs were dying from all that crawling, walking, squatting, etc.

After we were done with all the practice we said goodbye to folks who were there just for workshop part and we prepared ourselves for the last coaching session. While preparing, Jerome was checking the theoretical exams we did in the morning. I passed without problems.

For the coaching part we had again an topic assigned and were supposed to coach the rest of the group. I got jumping because my landing in general wasn’t 100%. After 2 full days of movement and really tired legs I did everything what I could to give perfect coaching class.

It went fine and I was really happy to pass all what was needed.

I wouldlike to say thank you and congratulate again all the folks who were there. Great job and hope see you in the future!


If I should take just one things from the whole workshop (and there was a lot more) very probably it would be realization how we can use our everyday environment to be active and move. I’m not saying exercise but move.

Everyday objects like stairs, railing, benches, trees, rocks, and many others now served me as my personal gym.

What’s next

I consider this workshop as my starting point for my personal projects that involve movement in general. The year 2017 is going to be a lot of fun I’m sure ;)