Injury Treatment

No matter how much you try you cannot avoid (micro)injuries. It’s part of everyday life. I’ve been recently having very painful feeling in my left shoulder. I know when exactly it started and probably why as well. Now the question is – how you treat physical injury / issue?

Standard approach would be something like painkiller, doctor, rehabilitation, rest, ice, massage – repeat everything until…? However if our body doesn’t work as it should, we cannot expect somebody or something to fix us from outside. The treatment must comes from inside. I prefer different approach – ACTIVE WORK ON INJURED AREA. It exactly opposite as usual recommendation of “resting” and waiting for… what for?

I’ve been having this shoulder issue for 3 weeks now. For the first 2 I didn’t do any intentional work on it. I was only trying to not use it and “rest it”. It didn’t get any better, I even had days when it felt much worse. For the third week I started each day simple 5-10 minutes routine with elastic band and after only few days my shoulder is 90% fine now. I believe one more week of rehabilitation work and it’s 100%.

I believe in concept of ACTIVE WORK because it makes sense to me. It’s extremely simple – when there is an injury, the area is weak. When you don’t use something (rest) it will get even weaker. So to heal injury you need to do exact opposite – USE IT. However USE IT doesn’t mean exercise it = no strength work, no end-range mobility drills, no ring routines, etc. Use it means to bring the blood to the injured area, work in the range of 15%-25% of your normal abilities. Experience discomfort, but not pain. The most important for this process is to do active work daily.

And what about you? How you usually deal with an injury? Let me know and maybe I could help >> 📩

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