Find What Works & Stick with It

I’m sure everybody knows that feeling. When your current “workout / movement routine” (or any other area in your life) is just not enough and you constantly search for something better, quicker, easier, harder, more efficient, more recent, etc. Something that’s going to be “the best ever” and it will make you feel finally “content”.

I have a bed news – something like that doesn’t exist and never will! It’s just a false feeling of searching for unreal instead of choosing and sticking with One Thing.

We as human beings have a hard time to stick with something these days. With extreme amount of distractions, everywhere, 24/7, it’s really difficult to choose something, believe that and forget everything else.

Leo Babauta writes a lot about concepts like “letting go, focus, less is more”. I recommend to have a look.

I’ve had this feeling for a very long time as well (mostly regarding how to compensate sedentary job with exercise/movement). When I decided to do something, was doing it for a certain time, but very soon get border and start searching for something else, slightly different and new.

I remember the time when I was collecting all kinds of “movements, exercises, routines, workouts, protocols, etc”. It was overwhelming and I was never satisfied, never felt content, always felt that there is still something I need to discover, find out, realize, something that brings me closer to my goals easier, quicker, with less work, etc.


The only thing that can bring you closer to your goals is actually practice – doing that One Thing.

Sit down and do your fucking work! ~ Ido Portal

That’s it, as simple as it sounds. You just need to choose something and stick with it. Forget everything else.

There is always going to be something new, something recently discovered, revolutionary, research proven. But the real question is – do you need to know / do / have it? Do you want to spend your days / life by always searching for something and never be satisfied? Or you prefer to find / choose / decide something and just practice it.

The word PRACTICE is very important for me. That’s why I love the term “practitioner”. It means you are constantly (daily) taking an action towards your goals. Not just reading, thinking, speaking about something. But you’re actually practicing that.

Walk the walk vs talk the talk!

And remember, no matter what it is that you want in your life, practice is the only way there…