In everything!

In your life, in you work, in your relationship, in how much time you should workout, how healthy your food should be, how much you should wait, how to spend your free time. You name it…

I’m not speaking about expectations you have for other people, I mean mostly those you repeat to yourself each day. Those that create unnecessary pressure and stress in your life. Those cannot leave you calm, but keep occupying your mind.

One think is to have goals or ambitions, but another think is to stressed out yourself for each one small stupid thing that appears in you life.

I know this issue is rooted deeply in my character and from time to time it rises above the surface more than I would wish.

Probably the best tool for me to battle it is a book I read many years ago (and I read it over and over again) – The Power of Less by Leo Babuta. The ideas in the book can be applied to almost any aspect of life. For me it’s very good reminder that I don’t want my life to be about wanting, expecting, having but more about being.

Time to calm down a bit, try to enjoy the life and take it as it is. Nothing is perfect and it will never be.

Live, Move, Enjoy!